BÚT CHỈ LASER VESINE VP1000: click để có giá tốt nhất

Bút trình chiếu VP1000  (Dùng Pin dài thông dụng AAA)
  • Bút trình chiều VESINE VP1000
  • 1. RF 2.4 GHz wireless Connect Technology
  • 2. Laser Pointer
  • 3. Soft-Keyboard
  • 4. wireless Trackball Mouse
  • 5. Media Center remote control
  • 6. Zoom in/out for full screen
  • 7.Close and Shut Down
  • 8. Power Switch
  • Application Area:
  • *Teachers, lecturers
  • *Business people, conference speaker
  • *Museums, galleries, guides
  • *Outdoor Adventure

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